Enterprise Solutions

60% Reduction in Footprint

Due to the ability to eliminate fans, non-IT energy consumption, and additional space, EDGE’s liquid cooling solutions can save over 60% of the space required by traditional air-cooled data centers.

EDGE´s unique approach to data center cooling

Data Center Tanks

Immersion cooling delivers a level of competitive advantage to data centers that is simply revolutionary, virtually eliminating the energy waste generated by traditional air cooling as well as the footprint. EDGE’s immersion cooling systems provides one of the best solutions in this space. Our U8 tank depicted below, is small enough to test the technology in confined spaces and configured to adapt to most existing data center infrastructure.

Features of EDGE’s Data Center tanks:

  • Stainless Steel tanks with strong structure
  • Adjustable rack to accommodate up to 21” wide servers
  • Efficient Pump with adjustable speeds for minimum consumption
  • Efficient Energy usage with four adjustable fluid channels
  • Temperature Control
  • Wheels to easy move around the building when necessary.

U18 models and above have a swappable radiator to tap into a centralized cooling system, maximizing the overall efficiency of the system.

Modular Containers

The unparalleled versatility of EDGE’s containerized solutions for crypto mining is resembled in its unique design. Engineered to sustain high winds, and heavy loads to allow tank stacking, EDGE’s containers are not only the best insulated in the market with an R35 rating, but also the most portable solution. Their low weight and dimensions are sized to be fully mobile, not requiring cranes for installation, allowing the operators to freely move these containers to the most favorable site in little time. 

Its versatility to operate in a complete spectrum of environments and to integrate seamlessly with existing equipment enables operators to deploy this technology anywhere around the world, from container units to industrial buildings.

Edge Fluids

As awareness of the need to deploy sustainable, scalable solutions continues to grow, an increasing number of companies are turning to EDGE’s patented immersion cooling fluids to reduce their carbon footprints while increasing the performance and lifespan of their hardware.

Specifically, EDGE Fluids offer:

Hardware Protection: A protective layer for all hardware against the dust and debris caused by fans.

Eco-Friendly: Non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable liquid provides operators with easy installation and low-cost handling.

Customized Solution: Since we control the mixture, we can optimize the fluid for your operations, whether you are looking for equipment compatibility, or for optimal cooling, or for environmental protection, we got you covered.

Improve Hardware Lifespan and Efficiency: Increase hardware efficiency and lifespan by 30%. 

Low Operational Cost: Superior lifespan performance and exceptional material compatibility to suit virtually any environment and minimize maintenance events.

Proprietary Solution: Specially designed to increase the efficiency and lifespan of the hardware that it cools.

  Professionally Engineered: Superior thermal properties with high oxidation stability, no corrosion, and low viscosity.