Designing and Engineering

EDGE is distinguished for its multi-disciplinary team of industry leaders with extensive expertise in their respective disciplines – electrical, mechanical, IT, and architectural – who collaborate closely to create customized solutions, considering multiple requirements simultaneously to ensure optimal business outcomes. This includes:

Crypto mining space design

Configuring an existing space for your crypto equipment is not a simple task. Unlike other applications, mining equipment requires a number of mechanical and electrical factors that need to be carefully considered.

Equipment Optimization

Crypto mining is not simple. Mining at the maximum possible hash rate will require a different set up than operating at minimum cost. At EDGE we listen to the customer requirements to ensure our customers take full advantage of the equipment they acquire.

Containerized farms

Mobile solutions require careful considerations of the area, including access to power and water. Our team delivers electrical engineering services to ensure the installation of crypto containers meets the power criteria required by tanks and dry coolers.


Installation services

Installing and running crypto mining tanks require a high level of knowledge and expertise. EDGE has a dedicated installation crew to carry out and supervise the complete installation of the mining and cooling equipment. Once the installation is complete, the team ensures the system delivers the expected results.

Industrial building design

In some circumstances, EDGE clients need to design and build the facilities where the mining operations will be hosted. Our strategic partners when it comes to industrial fabrication provide some of the strongest structures available in the market, ideal for situations where building strength is a requirement.