EDGE Data Solutions is an industry-leading data center, crypto mining and cloud infrastructure provider delivering long-awaited results in a challenging environment.

The company builds custom, scalable, enterprise-grade immersion solutions which enable data centers to reduce their carbon footprints while maximizing performance and profits. Industries served include crypto, fintech, cloud gaming, telecom 5G, 3D/video/AI rendering, video streaming, remote desktop, IoT, and autonomous vehicles.

Together with its partners, EDGE provides customers with high-quality service and results. The team is accustomed to meeting the strict requirements and demands of the data center, automotive, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and defense industries.

Beyond its leadership in crypto mining, EDGE also is transforming the global infrastructure of technology, enabling chip manufacturers and technology companies to develop solutions that rely on high-density computer power and are needed to run today’s world.

Delray Wannemacher – Chairman and CEO

An Air Force veteran, Delray sets the strategic vision for the Company. His 25-year business background includes building and selling technology businesses, and extensive involvement in capital markets, energy, blockchain, and fintech among many others. His experience with data centers goes back to MCI WorldCom, where he led the successful upgrade of 174 datacenters to become Y2K compliant. Delray has an extensive background in technology and applied science and knowledge in WAN (Cloud) and LAN infrastructure, as well as a deep familiarity with designing, deploying, and maintaining data centers.

General Anthony Tata – Board Member

Brigadier General Anthony J. Tata (U.S. Army, retired) formerly performed the duties of Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, the Number 3 position in the United States DoD. His leadership included implementing the National Defense Strategy and working closely with allies to achieve strategic goals globally. In his civilian life, Mr. Tata served as Secretary of Transportation for the state of North Carolina and as the COO of Washington DC Public Schools. Mr. Tata is also focused on maritime real estate, asset management software solutions, special needs education software, cybersecurity, and oil/gas infrastructure.

Levi Volks – Project Manager

Lindsay Bober – Account Executive



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