Innovative Solutions

High energy costs, pollution, and noise are jeopardizing the sustainability of crypto mining. Innovative solutions are needed immediately to sustain the paradigm shift in the financial sector.

The hash rate coming into North America is higher than in recent history. There are concerns about the grid’s ability to support all the activity. To deploy and enable more locations to become feasible mining sites, immersion is the only way.

As a result, the scrutiny on Bitcoin miners for being “power hogs” and the search for real estate and reliable power are unprecedented. The recent freeze in Texas has reminded everyone of the critical need of finding reliable power and smart solutions.

Environmental concerns go beyond emissions, as a growing avalanche of complaints are being filed against crypto mining operations due to excessive industrial noise. Immersion cooling eliminates the need to rely on loud fans to chill the mining equipment, making crypto mining operations virtually silent.

We are approaching the tipping point of a seismic shift as the world’s largest mining groups begin transitioning from air to immersion cooling.

Without a doubt, the growth of crypto mining operations depends on cooling and noise-reduction technologies – and immersion cooling is the most viable solution.

What does this mean? Companies now have a unique opportunity to gain a significant competitive edge by deploying immersed miners and adopting more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable operations. That’s where EDGE comes in.



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